911 Emergency Ambulance Services

 When You Want the Best

Rural/Metro is a recognized leader in 911 emergency ambulance services and the trusted provider to some of the largest metropolitan and suburban communities in the nation, including Santa Clara County, San Diego, Denver, Atlanta, Seattle and Phoenix.  Across the country, we operate in 21 states and nearly 700 communities.

The economies of scale that come from being one of the nation's largest ambulance services make us the unparalleled economic choice for our customers. Rural/Metro's certified paramedics and emergency medical technicians arrive on the scene with the skills and expertise to rapidly administer care, coordinate with on-scene first responders, communicate with emergency department physicians and transport patients to the most appropriate facilities.

Our investment in leading-edge technology systems, innovative business models, standardized business platforms and industry best practices make Rural/Metro the smart and logical choice for cities and counties throughout the nation.  Rigorous, high-performance service standards set the bar for continuing advancement, while at the same time solidifying the quality and value of our services.  More than a dozen of our largest operating divisions are independently accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services, universally recognized as the gold standard for EMS services.

We also take great pride in becoming a part of the communities we serve. Our outreach efforts include teaching public health and safety classes, partnering with local organizations to host community projects and events, and working with schools to provide accident prevention programs for children and their families. As a result, we have developed a variety of public-service programs, including:

  • EMT and Paramedic Training
  • Water Safety Programs
  • Fire Prevention Programs
  • Injury Prevention Programs
  • Smoke Detector Programs
  • CPR Training
  • Flu Shots (in select locations)