On-Site Industrial Fire Protection Services

Rural/Metro is nationally recognized as a leader in industrial fire services. The industrial fire approach focuses on each customer’s specific safety and environmental needs, with particular attention to prevention and suppression techniques prescribed by industry type.

We proudly serve some of the largest industrial customers in the nation, including FedEx, CITGO, Alcoa, the Port Columbus Airport in Ohio and Sikorsky Helicopters.

  • Airport Rescue and Firefighting
  • Industry-Specific Fire Protection
  • On-Site Emergency Medical Response
  • On-Site Medical Services
  • Security Services

Airport Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF)

We consider the specific needs of each airport to customize a program appropriate for each unique location. It’s our way of providing the best protection possible. Rural/Metro Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) personnel also can provide a variety of support enhancements, from airport driver-training programs to OSHA-compliant tenant training. These benefits are in addition to the customary response operations of emergency medical services, hazardous materials, and structural firefighting.

 Industry-Specific Fire Protection

If your industry requires on-site firefighting protection, you can be assured that Rural/Metro will provide experienced, highly-trained crews, and efficient, well-managed operations.  Our team provides a full complement of on-site fire protection services including prevention, suppression, inspections, safety and training for your personnel in areas that are specific to your business.

On-Site Emergency Medical Response

You take every precaution to keep your employees safe on the job. However, when you need help, Rural/Metro emergency medical crews can offer the best pre-hospital emergency care this business has to offer.

  • Standby Paramedic and EMT ambulance transportation services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • First-aid stations
  • Communication and dispatch services

On-Site Medical Services

For employers with large production or work facilities, Rural/Metro can offer a complete spectrum of on-site medical services.

  • Medical Staffing: EMTs, Paramedics, and Registered Nurses
  • Medical Services:  First aid, prevention and wellness programs, health maintenance and safety, and emergency services.

Security Services

For some industrial customers, on-site security services are key to maintaining the integrity and security of their business locations.  Several of our large industrial clients and airports look to Rural/Metro for enhanced security solutions that bring peace of mind and complement a larger onsite emergency response system.