Our Mission and Values

The Nation's Leading Provider of Ambulance, Fire Protection and Safety Services Dedicated to Superior People, Customer Service, Processes, Technology and the Continuous Pursuit of Clinical Excellence.

Teamwork - Integrity - Trust
Commitment - Differentiation - Accountability

Teamwork:  Our employees make it possible to provide superior services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We recognize our collective efforts are stronger than any single individual, and our ability to achieve common goals depends on working as a team. When we do so, we benefit our patients, partners and employees. We have a mutual commitment to our success through collaboration and self-accountability. We strive to be indispensable partners to the communities we serve. We do our jobs.

Integrity:  Our reputation is our most valuable asset and demands that we uphold the highest ethical standards in all circumstances. We foster an environment for honest, open communications and make data-driven decisions with conviction and candor. We firmly adhere to our code of business conduct and professional standards. We are ethical and forthright in all we do.

Trust: Trust is at the core of what we do. Through our work, we are trusted with the health and safety of the citizens we are called to assist. We make that responsibility our highest priority. We are empowered by the trust we have in one another. We have total confidence in the integrity, good character and ability of our team members. We do the right thing.

Commitment:  We pledge to provide exemplary care and customer service to our patients and partners. We are always there when they need us and can be relied upon to do the job right the first time. We are dedicated.

Differentiation:  We are driven to a higher standard and compelled to be innovative in our approach to business success. We differentiate our organization by continuously improving business, technology and clinical processes. Our performance metrics demonstrate our differences for the benefit of our customers and our stakeholders. We cultivate creative ideas and encourage employees to think outside the box. We stand out from the rest.

Accountability:  We must act responsibly in all interactions in order to further the mission of the organization. We are accountable for sustaining a long-term, successful financial platform upon which the company will continue to grow and prosper. To be successful long-term, we must be accountable to each other, our company, our patients and customers, and the communities we are entrusted to serve. We don't let each other down.